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It is the reason we do what we do and it is the reason we started Bobbins and Boards in 2017.  Teri (Mrs. Bobbins) took up quilting in our kitchen and Darran (Mr. Boards) started working in our basement, making gifts for family members.  As we improved our skills and our family grew, people wanted to pay us to make things for them. We were hesitant to turn this into a business because we thought it would take the “fun” out of it and put too much pressure on us.  Well, we were wrong.

We both grew up in Vinton and in 2007, we left to pursue our careers in Wisconsin.  While in Wisconsin, we added three lovely daughters-in-law and currently have five wonderful grandchildren.  With support from our family, we turned our hobbies into the business you know as Bobbins and Boards.  We started it, while still maintaining our full-time “day” jobs, in the front half of a 36’ x 64’ shop we built next to our house in Wisconsin.

Fast forward to May 2019, our son who lived in the same town as us in Wisconsin, told us he was moving back to Vinton to be closer to his brothers and extended family.  Our kids and grandkids mean the world to us and we can’t imagine living life over 3 hours away.  We took a huge leap in faith and trusted God to find a way for us to get back together with our family. He provided and we both quit our jobs in Wisconsin and moved  back to Vinton in September 2019.  Soon after moving back, a building became available next to Teri’s dad’s business and across the street from her brother’s dealership.  God provided for us again and we moved into that building in October 2019.  Mrs. Bobbins has quit her “day” job and loves being at the shop full time.  Mr. Boards still has his day job but is at the shop at nights and weekends. 

Stop in and see us.  It’s so nice to be back in Vinton with our family and friends.